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each time when we ship parts to our customer , we will have a basic test , if any problem,we can't sell to you , and will inform you in advance .



1. New, unused and original parts;
2. Pretty competitive price;
3. Fast delivery;
4.360 days' warranty. 
5.we can send samples to you test .
5.we have system of quote,and testing,and shipping department .


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About Us

Hk hantech Electronics ltd was established in 2006 and is a worldwide famous retailer of electronic components.
And it has built up local office and warehouse in HongKong, Shenzhen .
    In the past years, with the good customer service, efficient global supply chain and the most competitive price,
We can provide many product , include life daily electronics, computers and related, network communications,
power security, power management, medical equipment and military products, etc.
We have the latest information on each brand of the world electronic components,
    so we can provide customer with the professional market information, and insights,
 comprehensive solutions, high quality products and excellent customer service.
Our core management philosophy is "customer satisfaction is our primary mission",
and the quality is the our commitment to our customers,
we always provide the technical standards compatible electronic components and make sure they are original manufacturing and not an OEM,
we have formally QA/QC work flow on every lot component before they get into warehouse.
Recycle your unused inventory asset: Hk hantechech Electronics ltd can recycle your unused inventory electronics.
  We will do some assessment of your electronic component, and based on the product type and market and quote you with prices. If we can make buy-sell agreement, after the unused product transfer to our warehouse, you will reduce your warehouse management fee and storage space etc. benefic.




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